February Promo

Looking for something that can be remembering your couple anytime and anywhere you go? Try to find something which can be complementary for you both? Struggling to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for ‘the half’ of your life?

We will try answer all those questions with our special product for Valentine’s Day during on this February, Passport Cover andKeychain Holder King and Queen edition.

passport_cover_pairWhy? Cause we give a free custom name for this special product. Your name and his/her name imprinted on these item, yeah FREE!

Every time you see names on that’s cover, it can reminds you about your couple, your love, your half of your life. And also on the other hand, your couple remembering on you too.

If you go to the other country, this Passport Cover can reminds you about someone who waits of your back. ‘Your half’ who waits you. Someone who miss you home.

Or if you drive a car or your motorbike, they keychain will reminds you to be carefully. Because the names on there always hoped you fine. The names on there have a love for you.

About design for image, we choose it with many good reasons. We know, as a couple, you’re the King of her heart or you’re the Queen of his heart. And hence we do not choose images Heart although this for Valentine’s Day. We prefer to choose King Club and Queen Diamond as they means complementary to one and another.

front_coupleClub is a symbol of dharma, an obligation, while Diamond is symbol of artha, the money. Club means education, while Diamonds means Career. King Club is emblematic of irresponsibility and Queen Diamond comes to beside him, to calm him with her responsibility.

Therefore, cause King Club and Queen Diamond, we give special price for pair edition. Save price and cheaper. It’s good for your money, isn’t it?

Now, you free to choose, buy one pair or just single for gift, passport cover or keychain holder:

Happy choose, happy shopping, and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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