Some Little Tips For Your Business Trip

Forgot and mistake is like a template feature of our business trip to a place, city, or countries that we’ve never been before. It can be understood, cause we are unfamiliar with those new places.
As a stranger, we might be excited with many captivation from that new place such as culinary, landscapes, society and etc. Even when our business itinerary is already hectic enough, usually we will add new tasks like finding cool places to stay, eat, shopping, or just walking around.
It is quite possible that our excitement to our ‘new tasks’ could mess our business to-do-list that has been prepared in such way.
And it’s dangerous, seriously. Those mistakes can be a fatal for our main purpose in the trip: business. When we go home, we realize that our business can be an unfinished business.
Well, to avoid doing mistake and forgetting things over again, here some little tips to keep your business trip on the right track, without missing your chance to explore the new place.
architect_hanoman_bags1. Do your business first. And make sure you have all your business documents, sample, catalogue all packed, it is recommended that you put then them in one folder.
2. Prepare and check your passport, ticket and other travel document. Those travel things should be placed in a one easy-to-access place.
3. Do not forget your daily necessity; charger, power bank, bath stuff (if you kind of a man who never believe with hotel toiletries provided).
4. Find information regarding weather and society in the destination country so you can comfort yourself with proper cloths.
5. Discover about best spot for typical/ traditional culinary in the destination country that meet your budget. I am pretty sure that many apps provide service with price information. It must be interesting to have culinary adventure during your lunch or dinner time 😉
6. Discover information about historical or signature spot in the city that can be reached during your break time. Find info about transport to get there, ticket price etc.
7. If you are lucky enough , you can find special shop for special item from the city/ country that you can buy it for souvenir
8. Enjoy trip!

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