Rakai, For Those Who Love Simplicity

In this month, Schiltman® proudly presents finest collection of leather wallets and purses for you. Still with our style; simple, practical, and elegant, many choices of wallets ready for you to choose, to use, and also for collection.
Are you part of person who loves simplicity and practicality? So RAKAI would be the best choice for you.

rakai_The name RAKAI is taken from the ancient Javanese which means title for the king. And because of that, we designed it to keep simple but remained you to handle your world elegantly like a king. Your world is in your hand. You are the king of your life.
RAKAI is handy. Its size is fit in the grip of. Both of its positions, folded or open, it’s still fit in one hand. So simple.

For its practicality, RAKAI has one money pocket for easy access to your cash. It has 4 Card pockets to allow you to choose which cards would most needed to our daily activities.

This wallet available in two colors natural brown and black leather. Depending on which your favorites color, but in function and value, both of them are cool in the same way 😉

We are happy for you who already choose and buy RAKAI. We’ve not to forget to say: “Congratulation! Your world is in your hand!”

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